Friendly Vegetarian 善缘素食

Monkeyhead Mushroom #lactoveg 600g 吉芳舆猴頭菇

Monkeyhead Mushroom. Processed in Taiwan. Lacto vegetarian. Co...

$ 10.00 (600g)

Jiawei Monkeyhead Mushroom 佳味猴頭菇

Ovo-lacto Vegetarian. Contains Milk and Eggs. Monkeyhead Mushr...

$ 10.00 (500g)

Monkeyhead Mushroom Rainbow 儒慧猴菇扣盤

Thawed, Steam and serve. Ideal for Lunar New Year reunion Dinner.

$ 8.50 (400g)

Sesame Oil Monkeyhead Mushroom 御品麻油猴頭菇 (奶...

Sesame Oil Monkeyhead Mushroom. Referred to as the dish for "C...

$ 6.50 (400g)

Anchovy 冠军江鱼仔

Made from mushroom.

$ 4.00 (240g)

Lean Meat 道源素瘦肉

Main ingredient: Mushroom Contains Egg.

$ 4.50 (500g)

Smiley Bao 笑口叉烧包(6pcs)

Hand Made In Malaysia.

$ 4.50 (360g)

Smiley Bao 笑口叉烧包(9pcs)

Hand Made In Malaysia

$ 4.50 (360g)

Mini Vegetarian Roll 300g 素虾卷

Made in Malaysia Available now. In Stock for 2017!  try ...

$ 6.50 (250g)

Prosperity Yu Sheng 善缘发财鱼生 (小盒)

Prosperity Yu Sheng. 发财鱼生 Note: To add fresh carrot, ...

$ 8.80 (1 BOX (Small))

Gourmet Sea Cucumber 600g 竹碳海参

Gourmet Sea Cucumber 竹碳莿蔘 Made In Taiwan

$ 9.00 (600g)

Vegetarian Fried Calamari 500g 炸苏东圈

Vegetarian Squid Ring. Vegetarian Fried Calamari with bread cr...

$ 7.00 (500g)

Vegetarian Squid Ring 600g 斋之味花枝圈

Versatile vegetarian ingredients for creating many dishes.

$ 8.00 (600g)

O`long Black Bean Soy Sauce Paste 黑龍黑豆油膏

Halal. Black Beans are dried under the sun for 120 days before...

$ 6.00 (400ml)

Peace Brand Thai Tom Yam 340g 素食白鸽东炎酱料

Halal. Made in Thailand. Thai Tom yam Thai Tomyam

$ 3.50 (340g)

Vegetarian G Seasoning 150g 素G粉

Organic Product

$ 6.50 (150g)

Vegetarian G Seasoning 450g 素G粉

Organic Product

$ 16.00 (450g)

Vegetarian Miso 500g 原味味噌

Contains no alcohol. Could be used as a soup base for your sou...

$ 5.00 (500g)

Korean Kelp 250g 佳欣韓國昆布

For Soup, Boil to flavour. Soup base for ramen, kelp soup used...

$ 12.00 (250g)