Friendly Vegetarian 善缘素食

Veg. Pandan Chicken 100 pieces 班兰鸡

Suitable for BBQ, grill or bake

$ 21.00 (100 pieces)

Shrimp Paste 素虾膏 400g

Made In Singapore.

$ 2.50 (400g)

Milk Shed 原味乳酪丝 100g

Needs to be chilled or frozen.

$ 5.50 (100g)

Spicy Milk Shed 辣味乳酪丝 100g

Needs to chill. Made In Taiwan.

$ 5.50 (100g)

Curry paste 特制素食咖哩料 100gm


$ 1.30 (10 x 100gm)

Golden Oyster Mushroom 黄金百灵菇

Cook from frozen, deep dry untill golden brown, serve with chi...

$ 3.50 (250g)