Friendly Vegetarian 善缘素食

Veg. Golden Drumsticks 五香大腿

At 780grams, this Golden Drumsticks is the one family favourit...

$ 5.50 (780 grams)

Vege. imitation Herbs Ingredients Chicken 当归莲子鸡

Could be cook with herbs, red dates, black dates, wolfberry in...

$ 6.00 (480 grams)

Veg. Roasted Chicken (MY) 香酥鸡

favour to your liking, good for curry, soup, sweet and sour.

$ 6.00 (1000 grams)

Veg. Braised Pack 新光万用卤包

Made In Taiwan.

$ 1.00 (12 grams)

Vege Hot Dog 美式熱狗 (9 pieces)


$ 8.00 (500 grams)

Vegetarian Satay 素沙爹肉

Made In Malaysia. You get one kg of satay meat, flavoured with...

$ 6.00 (1000 grams)

Vegetarian Cube Meat 素三层肉

Made in Malaysia.

$ 7.00 (1000 grams)

Vegetarian Cube Meat 素三层肉

Made In Malaysia.

$ 1.80 (250 grams)

Vegetarian Mutton (higher mushroom content)1kg 山羊肉

Made Malaysia. Big Chunks. Suitable for tonic soup, Rendang cu...

$ 8.50 (1000 grams)

Vegetarian FishBall (Frozen) 素鱼丸

Made in Malaysia.

$ 5.50 (1000 grams)

Vegetarian Shu Xiang Pian Lean Meat 素香片

Stir fry black pepper veg meat, stir fry with potato, stir fry...

$ 5.50 (900 grams)

Soy Char Siew Da Dou cha Shao 大豆叉烧

Made in Malaysia.

$ 3.00 (450 grams)

Sliced Fish Pian Pian Xiang 片片香

Made in Malaysia. Suitable for vegetarian fish porridge, sweet...

$ 6.00 (900 grams)

Vege Scallop 干贝羹

Cooking Methods:Deep Fry,Soup,BBQ & Salad

$ 8.00 (500 grams)

Vegetarian Ham Dice 素火腿丁

Suitable for stir-fry. Fried Rice. Made In Taiwan ROC

$ 5.50 (600 grams)