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Friendly Vegetarian Food Supplier

FAQ Frequently asked questions on
  1. Free Delivery and how to activate it.

    a. provides free delivery above $120. we will determine that minimum purchase for free delivery on a term by term basis.

  2. Delivery Charges:

    a. charges a delivery fee for purchase below $120. Currently, the delivery fee stands at $18.00. We reserved the rights to on the delivery fee on a term by term basis.

    b. You can save on delivery fee by doing self collection.

    c. You can save on delivery fee by hitting the minimum for free delivery

  3. When will the order be deliver?

    a. will deliver the purchase by the next business day. Available slots will be given for customers to choose upon checkout.

  4. What are the pros of ordering from

    a . maintains a up to date website and promises next business day delivery or collection.

    b. Customers can accumulate rewards points to offset the total in your orders.

    c. Free delivery above a minimum order

    d. Free collection of goods at 2 designated points

    e. Get insights on what customers are ordering

    f. We provide various platforms for ordering via android app, apple phone app and website

  5. Why are we starting to charge for delivery?

    a. Customers have requested to have us make delivery and feedback that they could not hit the minimum sum of purchase for free delivery.

    b. Customers have flexibility of an option ordering lesser

    c. We still maintain the minimum purchase of $100 for free delivery

    d. You are not affected if you hit the minimum purchase every time.

  6. Adding products to your wishlist

    a. Simply click on the heart and product will be save as your favorite

    b. You can share the login of your account with your family and it acts as a shopping list

  7. Is there delivery on Sunday?

    a. There is no delivery as we are not operating on Sundays.

  8. Is there night delivery?

    a. We are evaluating this option and speaking to third party logistics companies, we are also ensuring the cost of transport is low and affordable.

  9. Why should I order from the app/website?

    a. You will be able to track your order history

    b. There is an online catalogue for you in your mobile phone.

    c. We make a lot of effort with a team of 10 in the app/website.

    d. Accumulate rewards points on every purchase.

    e. Place and order and collect your order over the counter

  10. Why do we classify our products?

    a. In order to serve you better, each product will be classify. We maintain that all the products that we sell are responsibly sourced and does not contain  garlic, chives, leeks, onions, and asafoetida.

    b. Disclaimer: Friendly Vegetarian Food Supplier is providing a free service and will classify the product to Vegan, LactoVegtarian, Vegetarian or Ovo-Vegetarian. We maintain no responsiblity should the manufacturer decide to change the ingredients, or that classification is not accurate for whatsoever reason. 

    c. is working with the whole community to ensure that each individual’s dietary needs can be achieved easier with the classification

  11. Where are our collection points?

    a. Blk 421 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10 #01-1165 Singapore 560421

    b. Blk 14 Pasir Panjang Wholesale center #01-24 Singapore 110014

  12. What are the opening hours of our retail stores/ collection points?

    a. Mondays to Saturdays 8 am – 530pm

  13. Who are we?

    a. is a motivated team who seeks to explore and bring in suitable products into Singapore for the community

    b. We promote healthy living. A lacto-vegetarian plant protein nugget has 50% less cholestoral than actual chicken nugget.

    c. We are nice and kind people.

    d. Talk to us in our stores, our merchandising team have some tips on cooking individual products.