Crispy Cereal Prawns 麦片虾


Fried Shrimp 松珍炸小虾(奶素)

Vegetarian Cereal Prawn Mix (康宝)香脆麦片虾料




Fried Shrimp 松珍炸小虾(奶素)


Cooking methods:

1.After air fry with philips airfryer or the like, you can stir fried with cereals to make the Singapore dish #cerealprawn

2. Add curry leaves and chilli and fry till the curry leaves are crisp.
3. Add in the cereal prawn and fry over low heat for about 2-3 mins until the sugar dissolves and the cereal is crisp.
4. Put the fried shrimps back into the wok and gently stir fry the shrimps until they are well coated with the cereal mixture.

Recommendation Recipe

Veg. Roasted Chicken w/ Jujube and Wolfberry

1. Heat up oil, add in jujube, wolfberry, ginger slice to fry until fragrant.
2. Add in Veg. Roasted Chicken, Soy Sauce, Sugar and Water.
3. Cover the work to braise for 5 minutes or...

Korean Kimchi Steamboat Soup Base

Make this korean kimchi soup base with AGV Korean Kimchi in Sauce 360g bottle 素食韓式泡菜.

Chinese Spaghetti Sauce TOFU

Cut Tofu Into Cubes.

Scoop Out a Hole in the center of each Tofu

Stuff each tofu with Kim Lan Chinese Spaghetti Sauce

Steam Tofu For 15 minutes untill Cooked.