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Vegetarian Seafood 素海鲜

Chinese Cultural 3 in 1 善缘 - 三牲 850grams

Includes one, soya bean based whole mould fish, one soya bean ...

$ 15.58 (850grams)

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CK Vegan Fish Fillet 全广 - 纯素鱼柳 1000grams


$ 14.77 (1000grams)

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Konjac Fresh Prawn 鲜活 - 蒟弱虾仁 600grams


$ 3.21 (600grams)

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Penang Indian Curry 槟城素印度咖喱(鱼) 500grams


$ 5.35 (500grams)

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Yi Dah Xing Vegetarian Cod Fish Slice 益达兴 - 素鳕...

Yi Dah Xing Vegetarian Cod Fish Slice are the product may cont...

$ 3.21 (225 grams)

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Golden Yu Dan Ball 黃金餘旦 黄金球 500grams

Good for steamboat or noodles soup, vegan curry fishball

$ 8.56 (500grams)

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Keropok 素鱼饼 600grams

Item is frozen. For best results, deep fried fish cake. thank ...

$ 6.21 (600 grams)

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Fried Squid Ring Calamari bundle 善缘 - 炸苏东圈 ...

500grams x 3pkts. Promotion running till December 2020 or...

$ 21.59 (1500grams)

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Ribbon Fish 三阳 - 白带鱼 500g


$ 6.42 (500g)

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Vegetarian Lobster 素龙虾 350grams

suitable for "chili crab style" or tomato based sauce lobster....

$ 11.70 (350 grams)

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Shredded Crab Meat 善缘 - 素蟹肉丝 300grams

切片狀外觀料理容易. Shredded and sliced for easy coo...

$ 5.89 (300 grams)

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