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  • Image Veg Assam Fillet 麦之素 - 亚叁鳕鱼 200grams

Veg Assam Fillet 麦之素 - 亚叁鳕鱼 200grams

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Product Weight

Product Weight

200 grams
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Guarantee Freshness

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存放在干燥的室内温度以保存至届满日期。拆封后,请冷藏。备注:1 如有账期,漏气请莫食用。

Store in a dry room temperature to save to the expiration date. After unpacking, please refrigerate. Remarks: 1 If there is an account period, please skip the gas.

  1. Heat up and go.
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Wheat fiber, soy protein isolate, yellow pear, pepper, cabbage, tapioca starch, seaweed, sugar, vegetable oil, ginger, lemongrass, agaric, tomato, salt, coriander