Finger Food 香煎小吃

Veggie Crispy Oyster 600g 蚵仔酥

Deep-fried Delicacy. 蚵仔酥面线

$ 6.00 (600g)

Jaguar Crispy Powder 500g 金錢豹酥漿粉

In Manufacturers`s Words, "All Fried Foods are Crispy! The Qua...

$ 2.80 (500g)

Vegetarian Otak Otak (coconut leaf) 素乌达

10 pieces of veegtarian otak otak wrapped in coconut leaf. Sui...

$ 6.00 (10 pieces)

Vietnamese Rice Skin Purple Yam Roll 山药卷

Deep-fried, crispy to perfection.AIR FRYER FRIENDLY ingredien...

$ 6.00 (600g)

Friendly Stuff Tofu 1KG 善缘酿豆腐

Made In Malaysia. Suitable for braised and soup.

$ 8.00 (1kg)

Vege Dumpling(Large) 如意素锅贴 600g

Pack of about 30 pieces

$ 4.50 (600g)

Fries Potato Patty 小三角马铃薯饼

Product of Taiwan.

$ 5.00 (700g)

Vegefarm Black Pepper Steak 黑胡椒猪扒

Made by soy protein(Non-GMO),No alcohol,no eggs, no meat and 1...

$ 5.50 (454g)

Vegefarm Mustard Cheese Ball 芥末乳酪球

Made by soy protein(Non-Gmo),No alchol,no eggs, no meat and 10...

$ 6.50 (454g)

Veg. Golden Drumsticks 五香大腿

At 780grams, this Golden Drumsticks is the one family favourit...

$ 5.50 (780 grams)

Popcorn Chicken 800g 素香脆炸鸡

Vegetarian Fried Chicken taste from Greenfarm Food Industries

$ 6.00 (800g)


New Supreme Fried Prawn 富貴黃金蝦 #lacto-vegetarian Sel...

$ 7.00 (500g)

Vegefarm Crispy Chicken Patty 黃金酥排

#lactoVegetarian Deep Fried to perfection.

$ 5.50 (500 grams)

Vegefarm Vege Small Prawn 素小虾 454g


$ 7.00 (454 grams)