Finger Food 香煎小吃

Vegetarian Chicken Nuggets 原味鸡块 500g

Made by soy protein,No alcohol,no eggs, no meat and 100% prese...

$ 6.00 (500g)

Tou pau 500g 曾家豆包

Soy Chip

$ 2.50 (500g)

Veg USA Sausage(Chicken) 素美国大香肠 (30pcs) 1kg

Halal. Made In Malaysia.

$ 7.00 ((30pcs) 1kg)

Veggie Smoking Soy Slice 全广香蜜儿片 1kg

Available in 400g and 1kg  

$ 10.00 (1kg)

Veg. Cod Fish 天天有余

Made In Malaysia.

$ 2.50 (420g)

Tapioca Fritter 椰香木薯糕 (20pcs)960g

Made in Malaysia. Think Goreng Pisang. Local Food.

$ 3.80 ((20pcs)960g)

Grilled Salt Meat 碳烤盐猪肉(奶蛋素) 450g


$ 8.00 (450g)

Teow Chew Dumpling 潮州卖 1kg

Eggless. Vegetarian From KL, Malaysia

$ 10.50 (1kg)