Instant Noodle 面类

Vedan Kimchi Cup noodles 隨缘韩式泡菜杯面

規格:杯麵   口味:韓式泡菜湯麵(全素) ...

$ 1.61 (60 grams)

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Miawko Kwan Miao Noodles 1200grams 庙口关庙面(細)

Specific Dry Guan Miau Noodle is dried in the sun. We choose n...

$ 5.35 (1200 grams)

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Tom Yam Flavor Noodles 东炎面 (80g x 5pkt)

Imported from Thailand. land of smiles.

$ 2.68 ( 300 grams)

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Nyor Nyar Vegetarian Penang White Curry Noodles 槟城白...

Made In Malaysia. # Contains creamer pack.

$ 4.07 (440grams )

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