Pau Bao 包点

Sandwich Bun 天心扣肉包(6pcs)

made in Singapore.

$ 4.00 (350g)

Smiley Bao 笑口叉烧包(6pcs)

Hand Made In Malaysia.

$ 4.50 (360g)

Smiley Bao 笑口叉烧包(9pcs)

Hand Made In Malaysia

$ 4.50 (360g)

Senteck Curry Pau Bao 信德咖哩包 6pcs

Made In Singapore.

$ 3.20 (420gm )

Senteck Char Siew Pau Bao 素叉烧包 6pcs

Made In Singapore.

$ 3.20 (420gm )

Senteck Kou Rou Pau Bao 信德扣肉包 6pcs

Made In Singapore.  

$ 4.00 (420gm )

Gemie Peach Buns 10 pcs 寿桃

Made In Malaysia.

$ 2.50 (300g)

Teow Chew Dumpling 潮州卖 1kg

Eggless. Vegetarian From KL, Malaysia

$ 10.50 (1kg)

Curry Lotus Bun 百味荷叶包 (咖哩) (纯素)

Contains Bun with vegetarian curry meat packed separately.

$ 3.20 (400g)

Roti Canai 百味印度煎饼 (纯素) (5pcs)

Comes with Dhall Curry.

$ 2.80 (550g)