Vegetarian Meat 素肉类

Soya Roll 香饌素火腿

Water, Textured Soy Protein (NON-GMO)(Soy),Soybean Protein Iso...

$ 10.00 (1 kg )

Smoked Ham 烟味火腿

Smoked Ham ideal for sandwiches or deep fry and dice to add fl...

$ 5.00 (900 grams)

Su Jin Xiang Ham Slice 全广火腿片

Ham Slice. Made In Taiwan

$ 10.00 (1 kg)

Su Jin Xiang Ham Slice 全广火腿片

素津香方形素火腿切片. Over 20 Slices of SuJin Xiang ...

$ 5.00 (400 grams)

Veggie Ham Paste 调理浆

Serving for Cold Dish, Sandwich, Sushi, Fried Rice, Fried Nood...

$ 6.00 (600 grams)

Veggie Smoked Goose Slice 香蜜鵝方形素火腿

Made in Taiwan. More than 20 Slices.

$ 5.00 (400 grams)

Vegetarian Fried Sliced Gizzard 沙茶腱花

Heat up for a hearty meal.

$ 3.00 (260 grams)

Vegetarian Oyster Sauce Kidney 蠔油腱花

Heat up for a hearty meal.

$ 3.00 (250grams)

Veggie Burdock Burger 牛旁汉堡肉

Good for Burger, sandwiches, steak.

$ 4.80 (265g)

Hua Pian 600grams 花片

konjac based.

$ 2.50 (600 grams)

Vegetarian Liver 600grams 粉肝

Konjac based. Stir fry with ginger and sesame oil. 

$ 3.00 (600 grams)

Pumpkin Floss 南瓜香鬆


$ 5.50 (300g)

Weiyi Laver Ro Su 150grams (10 packets) 学生包 味一...

Vegetarian. 学生包 味一素肉鬆 Beautifully packaged for...

$ 7.00 (150grams)

VegeFarm Sweet n Sour Pork 京都排骨

Made by soy protein(Non-Gmo),No alchol,no eggs, no meat and 10...

$ 8.00 (454g)

Veggie Meat Ball 600g 獅子頭

Textured Soy Protein(NON-GMO), Soy Oil, Corn, Carrot, Green Pe...

$ 7.00 (600g)