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Vegetarian Mutton 素羊肉

Rendang Meat 无上 - 马来风味干咖哩素肉 250grams

食用方法: 拆封后即可使用,加少许水,炒热...

$ 3.75 (250 grams)

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Rendang Curry Sauce 无上 - 冷当咖喱酱 260grams


$ 4.07 (260grams)

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Veg Roasted Smoke Duck 善缘 - 冰冻焖斋鸭 1000grams

Secret ingredient for making dumplings. Nonya Dumplings. Stir ...

$ 5.35 (1000 grams)

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Veg Rendang Bearhead Mushroom 麦之素 - 仁当猴头菇...


$ 5.14 (200 grams)

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Su Tung Mutton Ball 苏东 - 羊肉 450grams

Ready serve after warming or for Barbecue,Curry,Preserve,Steam...

$ 3.75 (450 grams)

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Friendly Vegetarian Stewed Mutton 善缘 - 素羊肉 (蛋...

Good for curry, masala, soup. Contains Albumen Powder.

$ 6.42 (900 grams)

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Stewed Vegetarian Big Mutton 善缘 - 大羊肉 900grams

Favourited by Indonesian Vegetarian Restaurants for rendang cu...

$ 7.49 (900 grams)

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Vegetarian Mutton 善缘-山羊肉 900grams

Made Malaysia. Big Chunks. Suitable for tonic soup, Rendang c...

$ 9.10 (900 grams)

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Vegetarian Mutton Rendang Curry 无上-素羊肉當冷咖...

食用方法: 拆封后即可使用,加少许水,炒热...

$ 4.07 (250grams)

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