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TomYam Paste 娘惹 - 泰式酸辣海鲜汤即煮酱 120grams


Singapore and Malaysia cuisine, can be cooked in 4 to 6 servings per pack. The package contains teaching, easy to understand, easy to use. 新马素美食,每包可煮4至6个人的份量。包装内含有教学,简易明白,容易上手。


Lemon Grass,Galangal,Torch Ginger,Chilli,Lime Leaves,Vegetable Oil,Assam Juice,Salt,Sugar,Sorbie Acid。 香茅,南姜,姜花,辣椒,枫柑叶,植物油,亚参膏,食用盐,白砂糖,山梨酸。

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