Crispy Soya Skin vegan 香脆片(切干鹅)


Spray some oil in a airfryer or to be deep fry to golden brown. Traditional Singapore vegetarian bee hoon goodness.  



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Black Sugar Seaweed Coral Grass 黑糖珊瑚草

9 cubes in a packet. Boil each cube with 500ml of water.

$ 8.56 (360 grams)

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Ku Loh Meat 德明咕噜肉

Sweet and sour Ku Loh Meat. with Konnayu in the middle.

$ 7.49 (1000 grams)

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Brown Sugar Seaweed Coral Grass with Ginger 薑母珊瑚...

Boil per cube in about 500cc of water to drink. Use less water...

$ 8.56 (360 grams)

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Kenbo Balacan Chilli (康宝)峇拉煎辣椒

Halal. Coconut Powder included. Includes non-dairy creamer.

$ 1.93 (100 grams)

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Veg Ball 斋枣 (15pieces)

Deep Fry ngoh niang. 15 pieces.

$ 2.78 (250 grams)

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Vegefarm Stewed Lamb Chunk 松珍炖羊肉(奶素)

new stock we requested in Jan 2018 is Lactovegetarian. thank you.

$ 6.96 (454 grams)

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