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Pea Crackers (Wasabi) 联华 - 芥末可乐果 57grams


正港原创的螺旋造型,酥脆扎实的爽快口感,流行台湾数十载,魅力横扫各个世代,全名热爱,无可取代Original spiral shape, crisp and solid taste, popular in Taiwan for decades, charm sweeps across generations, full name love, irreplaceable


豌豆,棕榈油,玉米淀粉,面粉,木薯淀粉,糖,小苏打,盐,酱油粉,海苔,调味剂Peas, palm oil, corn starch, flour, tapioca starch, sugar, baking soda, salt, soy sauce powder, seaweed, flavoring

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