Veg Oatmeal 富懿-香椿野菜珍榖粥 150 grams


There are five packs in one box. Quickly fill the way of hunger. High fiber, high calcium. 一盒有五包。快捷充饥方式。高纤,高钙。


Oatmeal ,Maltodextrin,Milk Powder,White Sesame Seeds,Cabbage,Inulin,Salt ,Carrots,Guar Gum,Toon Powder ,Seaweed,Mushrooms,Tofu,Slice Spinach ,Lecithin,Yeast Powder,White Pepper,Aquamin,Allspice,Calcium Carbonate. 燕麦片,麦芽糖糊精,奶粉,白芝麻,甘蓝菜,菊粉,盐,胡萝卜,瓜尔豆胶,香椿粉,海藻,蘑菇,豆腐,切片菠菜,卵磷脂,酵母粉,白胡椒,Aquamin,五香粉,碳酸钙.

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