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Brown Rice Puff 里仁 - 糙米米果 300grams


淡淡純米香的糙米米果,以天然有味道的味噌做夾心餡,質地酥脆、紮實耐嚼的口感更耐人尋味。除了當零食之外,在湯中加上幾顆米果,又是全然不同的新滋味喔。A light, pure rice-scented brown rice cracker with a natural flavor of miso, with a crisp, firm and chewy texture that is more intriguing. In addition to being a snack, adding a few rice crackers to the soup is a completely different new flavor.


糙米、棕櫚油、非基因改造玉米、高梁、非基改黃豆、米、鹽、糖、麥芽糊精、維生素E 、鹽、醬油粉 Brown rice, palm oil, non-genetically modified corn, sorghum, non-basic modified soybeans, rice, salt, sugar, maltodextrin, vitamin E, salt, soy sauce powder

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