Qi Yu Geng 旗鱼羹





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Thai Chili Sauce 泰式辣椒

A dipping sauce specifically created for vegetarians. This sau...

$ 5.89 (980grams)

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Veggie Crispy Oyster 全广蚵仔酥

Deep-fried Delicacy. 蚵仔酥面线

$ 6.42 (600 grams)

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Pandan Nyonya Roll A2A班兰无蛋素卷 300g

Sales Time Limit: Until 2th February 2019. Love letter, eggless

$ 9.42 (300 grams)

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Soy Char Siew Da Dou cha Shao 大豆叉烧

Made in Malaysia. Certified #vegan, checked with manufacturer ...

$ 3.21 (450 grams)

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