Veg Rendang Bearhead Mushroom 麦之素 - 仁当猴头菇 200grams


存放在干燥的室内温度以保存至届满日期。拆封后,请冷藏。备注:1 如有账期,漏气请莫食用。


猴头菇,辣椒,椰子,包菜,木薯淀粉,桂皮,亚叁,咖喱粉,香菜,胡椒,茴香,素酱油,植物油,盐,糖Hericium, pepper, coconut, cabbage, tapioca, cinnamon, aachen, curry powder, coriander, pepper, fennel, vegetarian sauce, vegetable oil, salt, sugar

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