Hericium erinanceus Fiber 如意-猴头菇丝 200grams


Finely baked, retaining the original flavor. Hericium erinaceus is fresh and fragrant. It is roasted at high temperature and carefully seasoned with stir-fry to add flavor, fresh taste and unique taste. It is suitable for use with bibimbap, noodles and bread. 精致烘培, 保留原味。猴头菇菌肉鲜嫩,香醇可口,有[素中荤]之称。经高温烘培及精心调味拌炒,增添其风味,味道鲜,口感独特,适合搭配拌饭,拌面,面包佐食使用。


Vegetable soy protein fiber, fresh Hericium erinaceus, sugar, pea powder, soybean oil, cinnamon, allspice, salt. 植物性大豆蛋白纤维,新鲜猴头菇,砂糖,豌豆粉,大豆油,肉桂,五香粉,盐。

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