Roasted Seaweed 顺兴-腰果紫菜酥 100grams


Seaweed is rich in protein, iodine, phosphorus, calcium, iron, minerals and various vitamins and is zero in cholesterol. Therefore, it is known as a treasure of seafood. It is also known as a treasure house of vitamins. 海菜含丰富蛋白质,碘,磷,钙,铁,矿物质及各种维生素且零胆固醇,因此被誉为海产珍品,又被称为【维生素的宝库】


Superior seaweed, cashew nuts, palm oil, brewed soy sauce, salt, pepper 上等紫菜,腰果,棕槅油,酿造酱油,盐,胡椒粉

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