Vege Orang-Moss Floss 如意-红毛苔香松 600 grams


Red fur is a seaweed with extremely rich nutrition, high protein and low fat, which has high edible value and medicinal value.Applicable to porridge, bibimbap, noodles, bread stuffing. 红毛苔是一种营养极其丰富、高蛋白低脂肪的海藻,具有较高的食用价值和药用价值。适用于,拌粥,拌饭,拌面,面包陷料。


Vegetable soy protein fiber, sugar, pea powder, soybean oil, sesame, fresh red moss, salt, soy sauce, spices, ethyl maltose 大豆蛋白纤维,糖,豌豆粉,豆油,芝麻,鲜红苔,盐,酱油,香料,麦芽糖

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