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Almond Square Cookies 莊家-杏仁方块酥 160 grams


杏仁方塊酥ISO Quality Certification.Famous Taiwanese 方塊酥.Bite Size Chunks.Vegan.Packed in a ziplocked bag.Halal.Product contains cereals. 杏仁方块酥ISO质量认证。着名的台湾方块酥。咬大小块。素食主义者。采用拉链袋包装。清真。产品包含谷物。  


Non-bleached wheat flour, sugar, non-hydrogenated vegetable oil (palm oil), Oats powder, Almond,Spice面粉,砂糖,植物油(棕榈油),燕麦粉,杏仁,香料

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