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  • Image Red Yeast Energy Rice Roll Energy bar 红鞠能量玄米捲 160 grams
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Red Yeast Energy Rice Roll Energy bar 红鞠能量玄米捲 160 grams

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Product Weight

Product Weight

160 grams
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Ambience Product

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Crispy and delicious! Healthy Wuliang Energy Xuan Mi Juan is optional, healthy and healthy high-quality snacks, using high-quality brown rice, oatmeal, wheat germ, purple rice, black and white sesame, solid taste, egg milk / chocolate / seaweed / red glutinous / Tai Guo Juan 5 flavors Optional, give you full of energy, natural and simple touch!


Health & Benefit



High quality brown rice palm oil corn granulated sugar oatmeal wheat germ purple rice black and white sesame red glutinous salt


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    syho***** July, 22nd 2021

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