Buckwheat Seaweed Cookies 佳馔-黃金荞麦海苔烧 200 grams


蕎麥含有豐富的營養成分,採用台灣本產的黃金蕎麥粒,搭配酥脆新鮮的海苔,精心調配烘烤,讓您口口酥脆難忘!健康又美味的可口小點心,讓您一試就上癮~Quinoa is rich in nutrients. It is made from Taiwanese golden buckwheat groats, served with crispy fresh seaweed, and carefully blended to make your mouth crisp and memorable! A healthy and delicious little snack that will make you addicted to it~


特選優質海苔、黃金蕎麥粒、麥芽糖、海鹽、醋酸澱粉、大瑪琳膠、調味劑、味霖Special selection of high quality seaweed, golden buckwheat granules, maltose, sea salt, acetic acid starch, damarin gum, flavoring agent, flavoring