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Poloku Mushroom Seasoning 菠萝菇-香菇颗粒调味料 (500gx12pkts)


本产品采用天然台湾香菇及纯净纽西兰海盐精制而成,精选优质天然素材,封存食材的甘甜美味于每一颗粒中。同时严选食材来源,为消费者的健康把关。*(1 carton of Poloku Mushroom Seasoning 500g x 12 pkts. You save $12.00.)


香菇粉,香菇抽取物,蔬菜抽取物,食盐,核苷酸 Mushroom powder, mushroom extract, vegetable extract, salt, nucleotide

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