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Friendly BBQ Snack Spicy (Big Piece) Carton 善缘-素肉干辣片 3000grams


Vegetarian bak kwa. Made from Soy protein and mushroom. Carton of 12 packets. Save $18.00 素食肉干。 由大豆蛋白和蘑菇制成。 一箱12盒。 节省$18.00


Filter water, soy fiber, starch, sugar, vegetable oil, sorbitol liquid, mushroom foot, salt, vegetarian flavor, citric acid. 过滤水,大豆纤维,淀粉,糖,植物油,山梨醇液,香菇脚,盐,素食香料,柠檬酸。

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