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Vegan Fish Maw 鸿缘 - 素鱼鳔 50grams

用法: 即可食,炒菜,羹类,火锅,卤味Usage: ...

$ 2.35 (50 grams)

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Brown Sugar Ginger -黑糖薑母茶糖塊 600grams

Boil per cube in about 500cc of water to drink. 

$ 8.56 (600 grams)

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Pea Crackers 联华 - 黑矿盐可乐果 65grams


$ 1.61 (54grams)

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Veggie Sashimi Salmon 九鼎华-素鲑鱼生鱼片 220grams

Made In Taiwan.Remarks: Thaw, Slice and ready to Serve. NO Hea...

$ 4.82 (220 grams)

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Little Me't Chunk 大顺 - 小扣肉 600grams

Airfry or deepfry as vegetarian luncheon meat to go with nasi ...

$ 9.10 (600 grams)

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Black Sesame Heongpeah 回味 - 黑芝麻香饼 (8粒) 3...

Ipoh famous specialty. Fillings made with Cameron strawberries...

$ 4.49 (360 grams)

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