Pea Cracker Mix Berries 联华-莓果可乐果 105grams


初恋的滋味莓果口味。经典螺旋造型,口感尚酥尚赞,搭配酸甜莓果风味,案发满满果香,每一口都像恋爱般的好滋味!Classic spiral shape, taste is still crisp, with sweet and sour berry flavor, the case is full of fruit, every bite is like a good taste of love!


豌豆,棕榈油,玉米淀粉,面粉,树薯淀粉,糖,综合莓果汁粉,小苏打,蜂蜜粉,盐,复方香料。Peas, palm oil, corn starch, flour, tapioca starch, sugar, integrated berry juice powder, baking soda, honey powder, salt, compound spices.

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