Original Brown Rice 糙米王 - 原味糙米即溶饮品 (10 sachets) 320grams


Cholesterol Free,Trans Fat Free, High Calcium, Dietary Fiber, Iron, vitamin B6 零胆固醇,零反式脂肪,高钙质,膳食纤维,铁质,维生素B6


Brown rice flour, non-dairy creamer, sodium caseinate, palm kernel oil, stabilizer (E340), emulsifier (E71), anti-caking agent (E551). Approved flavors for approved food conditioners 糙米粉,植脂末,酪蛋白酸钠,棕仁油,含有稳定剂(E340),乳化剂(E71),抗结剂(E551)。为核准食品调理剂含有核准香精

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