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Penang T/White Coffee 陈记 - 槟城传统白咖啡 (12pkt) 336grams


With a rich coffee flavor, it will make you feel good. Our formula comes from carefully selected Arabica coffee and Robusta coffee beans, which are subjected to a controlled roasting process. His quality will definitely give you a special feeling of daily coffee.具有丰富的咖啡口味,会令您感到愉快。我们的配方来自经过精心挑选的阿拉比卡咖啡和罗布斯塔咖啡豆,经过可控焙烧过程。他的优质品质肯定会给你的每日咖啡带来特殊的感觉。


Non-Daily Creamer,Sugar Instant White Coffee Powder. 植脂末,糖,即溶咖啡粉。

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