Natural Fruit Chips 善缘 - 天然水果片 240grams


★ no artificial coloring★ no preservatives and any artificial sweetness★Show the original flavor of fruits and vegetables★ healthy orientation of natural snacks, taking care of health★ retain natural vitamins, minerals, fiber★The taste is very crisp and crisp ★不含人工色素 ★不添加防腐劑及任何人工甘味 ★呈現蔬果的原始風味 ★健康取向的天然零嘴,兼顧養生 ★保留自然維他命、礦物質、纖維 ★口感十分清爽脆口


Fresh Fruit, Fructose, Palm Kernel Oil 新鲜水果,果糖,棕仁油