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Lemon Pink Salt Pea Cracker 联华 - 柠檬玫瑰盐可乐果 72grams


清新自然的檸檬香氣結合天然玫瑰鹽。搭配經典螺旋造型,酥脆紮實、酸甜鹹香,有如魔法般的多層次口感。帶來超乎想像的清爽好滋味! Fresh and natural lemon aroma combined with natural rose salt   With a classic spiral shape, crisp and solid, sweet and sour, it has a magical multi-layered taste.Brings a refreshing taste beyond imagination  


豌豆、棕櫚油、玉米澱粉、麵粉、樹薯澱粉、糖、岩鹽、小蘇打、碳酸氫銨、檸檬果汁粉、味精、檸檬酸、調味料、脂肪酸甘油酯、酵母抽出物 、複方香料、二氧化矽、昆布精粉、高麗菜精粉、甜味劑Peas, palm oil, corn starch, flour, tapioca starch, sugar, rock salt, baking soda, ammonium bicarbonate, lemon juice powder, monosodium glutamate, citric acid, seasonings, fatty acid glycerides, yeast extracts, compound flavors, Korean food powder, sweetener

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