Orignal Squid Silk Soya Fiber 素尤鱼丝 100g


Leisure Time Snack



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Poloku Mushroom Seasoning with Corn 香菇风味调味料

This mushroom seasoning is enhanced with corn.

$ 26.75 (500grams)

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Vegetarian Plain Chicken 素白斩鸡

Made of Gluten. Perfectly Seasoned. A firm favourite for Veget...

$ 5.35 (900 grams)

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Tapioca Crackers (raw) 木薯生片

raw, need to be deep fried to make keropo.

$ 2.68 (150 grams)

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JZ Old Ginger Sesame Sauce 佳饌老薑麻油醬 370grams

for cooking vegetarian chicken rice, Singapore

$ 9.63 (370 grams)

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Potato Slice 马铃薯片 1kg

--easy for cooking , no need to cut by yourself~~  

$ 4.28 (1000 grams)

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