Seaweed Prawn 紫菜虾 (10 pieces)





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Miawko Knife Sliced Noodles 庙口刀削面

Specific Dry Guan Miau Noodle is dried in the sun. We choose n...

$ 5.35 (900 grams)

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Lean Meat 道源素瘦肉

Main ingredient: MushroomContains Egg.

$ 4.82 (500 grams)

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Veggie Chicken Burger 香G排

Pan-fried or Microwave 6 Pieces.

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Teng Eng Vegetarian Tom Yam 2kg 素食东炎酱料

Long lasting freshness No preservatives. No Coloring

$ 16.05 (2000grams)

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