Texture 大豆肉

Vegetarian Miso 500g 原味味噌

Contains no alcohol. Could be used as a soup base for your sou...

$ 5.00 (500g)

Huang Duo Cui Veggie Bacon Bits 500grams 黄豆碎

Vegetarian Bacon Bits

$ 3.00 (500grams)

Gan Bei Gen 500g 干贝羹 (全素)

Cooking Methods:Deep Fry,Soup,BBQ & Salad

$ 8.00 (500g)

Veg.TX Ball 佛心天心宝 500g

Best for stewed soup , especially bak kuh teh and vinegar trot...

$ 4.50 (500g)

Vegetarian Fish Maw Vegan 脆皮素鱼鳔


$ 9.00 (300 grams)

Vegan Salted Fish 咸鱼翻生(纯)

Add to porridge, soup noodles, mee hoon kueh soup.

$ 4.50 (130 grams)