Texture 大豆肉

Vegetarian Miso 500g 原味味噌

Contains no alcohol. Could be used as a soup base for your sou...

$ 5.00 (500g)

Dried Seaweed 100g 无砂紫菜

Seaweed for soup.

$ 5.50 (100 grams)

Kelp Sprout 130g 多绿海带芽

Suitable for soup, miso soup base. Rich in Iodine. Essential t...

$ 5.00 (130g)

Gan Bei Gen 500g 干贝羹 (全素)

Cooking Methods:Deep Fry,Soup,BBQ & Salad

$ 8.00 (500g)

Crab Stick 蟹肉棒 500g

Available in 2 sizes.500g, and 3kg.

$ 8.00 (500g)

Veg Seafood Mix 海鲜料 500g

Good for steamboat party

$ 8.00 (500g)

Burdock Broth 牛蒡羹 600g

can fried,cook,stir fried,stew,microwave

$ 6.50 (600g)

Assorted Hot Pot Ingredients 大团圆 600g

Comes with satchet of seasoning for the steamboat. Contains ya...

$ 8.00 (600g)

Veg.TX Ball 佛心天心宝 500g

Best for stewed soup , especially bak kuh teh and vinegar trot...

$ 4.50 (500g)

Vegefarm lactovege Stuffed meat ball 开心果 454g 開...

Stuffed and filled with goodness

$ 6.50 (454g)

Vegan Pearl Abalone Can 纯素鲍鱼罐

Premium Can of 5 pearl vegan abalone, kept in kelp soup.

$ 18.00 (600g )