Texture 大豆肉

Vegefarm Fish Tofu 香魚豆腐 鱼豆腐

Made by soy protein(Non-Gmo),No alchol,no eggs, no meat and 10...

$ 6.00 (454g)

Vegetarian Fish Cakes 天然素鱼饼

Vegetarian Fishcakes Vegetarian Fishcake konnyaku as the main ...

$ 2.50 (500g)

Miso Soup Instant 味噌汤

6 packets in a Box. 24 Boxes in a Carton

$ 4.50 (54g)

Vegetarian Stewed Mutton 600g 燉羊肉 (台)

Stewed Mutton From Taiwan R.O.C

$ 5.80 (600g)

Veggie Meat Ball 600g 獅子頭

Textured Soy Protein(NON-GMO), Soy Oil, Corn, Carrot, Green Pe...

$ 7.00 (600g)

Vegetarian Miso 500g 原味味噌

Contains no alcohol. Could be used as a soup base for your sou...

$ 5.00 (500g)

Fresh Soy Knot 500g 打结豆支

Could be use to braised, stir fry and deep fry.

$ 2.50 (500g)

Big Reunion Hotpot Ingredients 600g 大團圓

Best Seller of many years.

$ 8.00 (600g)

Friendly Stuff Tofu 1KG 善缘酿豆腐

Made In Malaysia. Suitable for braised and soup.

$ 8.00 (1kg)

Herbal Hotpot 800g 蓮廚藥膳鍋

*available for delivery/collection only after 23 January 2017 ...

$ 9.00 (800g)

Vegetarian Tofu Puff 20 pieces 酿豆卜

Vegetarian Tofu Puff (With Vegetarian Fish Paste)

$ 5.00 (360g)

Dried Seaweed 100g 无砂紫菜

Seaweed for soup.

$ 5.50 (100 grams)

Kelp Sprout 130g 多绿海带芽

Suitable for soup, miso soup base. Rich in Iodine. Essential t...

$ 5.00 (130g)

Vegefarm Vege Small Prawn 素小虾 454g


$ 7.00 (454 grams)

Gan Bei Gen 500g 干贝羹 (全素)

Cooking Methods:Deep Fry,Soup,BBQ & Salad

$ 8.00 (500g)