Vegetarian Sausage 素香肠

Soya Roll 香饌素火腿

Water, Textured Soy Protein (NON-GMO)(Soy),Soybean Protein Iso...

$ 10.00 (1000 grams)

Monkeyhead Mushroom Ham 猴頭菇火腿

Monkeyhead Mushroom Ham made in TAIWAN ROC.

$ 13.50 (1000 grams)

Smoked Ham 烟味火腿

Smoked Ham ideal for sandwiches or deep fry and dice to add fl...

$ 5.00 (900 grams)

Su Jin Xiang Ham 素津香火腿

素津香 Ham is one of our bestseller.

$ 6.00 (1000 grams)

Taiwanese Grilled Flavored Ham Vegan 台式燒肉火腿 O...

Vegan Vegetarian Ham.  

$ 25.00 (1000 grams)

Cheese Mini Sausages 全广芝心肠 (ovo lacto vegetarian)

Cheese Filled Mini Sausages. Party. Pan Fried.  Deep fried.

$ 7.50 (600 grams)

Vegetarian Smoking Mini Soy Sausage 素QQ肠 (ovo lacto v...

Same soy goodness from CK Food Cooking Directions: Braising, ...

$ 6.50 (500 grams)

Vege Hot Dog 美式熱狗 (9 pieces)


$ 8.00 (500 grams)

Weiyi Best Grade Vegetarian Laver Floss 200g 味一特级...

Made in Taiwan. ROC. 200g in a can, more value for your money.

$ 5.50 (200 grams )

USA Sausage(Chicken) 素美国大香肠 (30 pieces)

Halal. Made In Malaysia.

$ 7.00 (1000 grams)

HK Sausage 天恩港式腊肠

No preservatives. Keep Frozen. Product of Taiwan. Suitable for...

$ 6.50 (380 grams)

Vegetarian Smoking Mini Soy Sausage 素QQ肠

Save with BIg pack, Find out why people are buying these delic...

$ 12.00 (1000 grams)