Vegetarian BBQ G 素红烧鸡




Textured Soy Protein, Soya Bean, Vegetable Oil, Vegetarian Seasoning and Permitted Color (Sunset Yellow: 15985)

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Vege Scallop 干贝羹

Cooking Methods:Deep Fry,Soup,BBQ & Salad

$ 8.56 (500 grams)

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Fruit Vinegar 300g 萬家香水果醋

Product of Taiwan. Directions: Dilute with 4 to 5 times c...

$ 2.68 ( 300grams)

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Lotus Leaf 荷叶包 (10 pieces)

Good Taste, and easy to steam.

$ 1.71 (300 grams)

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Vegetarian Squid Ring 斋之味花枝圈

Versatile vegetarian ingredients for creating many dishes.

$ 8.56 (600 grams)

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