Gluten Cha Siew 善缘叉烧条(面筋)





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Vegetarian Melting Almond S3美味杏仁 300g

Sales Time Limit: Until 22th January 2017

$ 6.42 (300 grams)

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Miso Soup 真好家味噌汤(香菇口味) (9gX6pkt)

6 packets in a Box. 24 Boxes in a Carton

$ 4.82 (54 grams)

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Smoked Ham 烟味火腿

Smoked Ham ideal for sandwiches or deep fry and dice to add fl...

$ 5.35 (900 grams)

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Osmanthu Seaweed Coral Grass 桂花珊瑚草

Boil per cube in about 500cc of water to drink. Use less wate...

$ 8.56 (360grams)

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