Roasted Chicken 香酥雞


120 packets in a carton


Soya Bean, Fibre, Vegetable Oil, Vegetarian Seasoning

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Nostoc Commune Biscuit 藍綠藻薄餅

Individually packed. 6 packets in each box. 6 packets x 20g each.

$ 2.14 (120 grams)

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HK Sausage 天恩港式腊肠

No preservatives. Keep Frozen. Product of Taiwan. Suitable for...

$ 6.96 (380 grams)

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Vegetarian Nyonya Kapet A1A无蛋素扁

Sales Time Limit: Until 22th January 2017

$ 9.42 (270 grams)

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Burdock Broth 牛蒡羹

can fried,cook,stir fried,stew,microwave

$ 6.96 (600 grams)

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