Original Mushroom Snack 传统肉干


Snack,Cold Dishes,Sandwiches,Burger


Textured Wheat Protein,Mushroom Fibre,Tapioca Starch,Potato Starch,Oil,Sugar,Salt,Red Yeast

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Grilled Salt Meat 碳烤盐猪肉


$ 8.56 (450 grams)

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LinYe Ovo-Vegetarian Cookie 麟烨蛋素太阳饼

Made in taiwan. Premium Imported.

$ 4.49 (315 grams )

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Vegefarm Black Pepper Steak 黑胡椒肉扒

Made by soy protein(Non-GMO),No alcohol,no eggs, no meat and 1...

$ 5.89 (454 grams)

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Veggie Smoked Goose Slice 香蜜鵝方形素火腿

Made in Taiwan. More than 20 Slices.

$ 5.35 (400 grams)

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