Vegetarian Fried Yuba 炸腐竹 (30 pieces)





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Kim Lan Soy Sauce 590ml 金兰酱油

NOn- GMO beans. Made In Taiwan.

$ 3.75 (590 grams)

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Vegetarian Satay 素沙爹肉

Made In Malaysia. You get one kg of satay meat, flavoured with...

$ 6.42 (1000 grams)

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Vietnamese Rice Skin Purple Yam Roll 山药卷 (20 pieces)

Deep-fried, crispy to perfection.AIR FRYER FRIENDLY ingredien...

$ 6.42 (600 grams)

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Ninja Cat WASABI. Seaweed 40g 芥茉脆酥海苔

忍者貓香酥脆海苔-芥茉 Tidbit

$ 3.42 (40grams)

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Cadina Potato Chips 70g 卡迪那台灣甘藷脆

卡迪那台灣甘藷脆片 Link to official page in Taiwan

$ 2.14 (70grams)

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