JS Char Siew Pau 皆盛叉烧包 (6 pieces)





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Vegetarian Otak Otak (coconut leaf) 素乌达(10 pieces)

10 pieces of vegetarian otak otak wrapped in coconut leaf. Sui...

$ 6.42 (380 grams)

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Homey Crispy Slice 220Grams 香脆丝

Mushroom as the main ingredient. 香脆丝 aka 素食江鱼仔

$ 4.28 (220grams)

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Wei Xiao Shu Bing 微笑薯饼

To be deep fried. Keep Frozen. Could be cooked using a airfryer.

$ 6.42 (600 grams)

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Gui Fei Crispy G 贵妃香酥G

400g. Updated from weight of 450g on 12 July 2017

$ 3.53 (400 grams)

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Vegan Pearl Abalone Can 纯素鲍鱼罐

Premium Can of 6 pearl vegan abalone, kept in kelp soup.

$ 19.26 (600 grams)

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