Veggie ham With Veg. Chicken Cube Stir- Fry


Veggie Ham, Sliced into strips 火腿切丝

Veggie Chicken cube, dice g丁(少许)

Vegetable Oil

Vegetarian Barbecue Sauce 素沙茶 (1大匙)

Green Soybans/Edamame 毛豆

Mushroom Sliced 香菇

Carrot Diced 红胡萝卜


火腿 炒G 丁


1. Heat Oil in a large skiller or wok at medium-high heat, stirring vegetarian barbeque sauce 愛之味素沙茶


2. gradually add ham, veggie chicken cube, green soybeans, mushroom and carrot, stir-fry until vegetables are just tender.


3. Season to taste.


Recommendation Recipe

Veg. Roasted Chicken w/ Jujube and Wolfberry

1. Heat up oil, add in jujube, wolfberry, ginger slice to fry until fragrant.
2. Add in Veg. Roasted Chicken, Soy Sauce, Sugar and Water.
3. Cover the work to braise for 5 minutes or...

Korean Kimchi Steamboat Soup Base

Make this korean kimchi soup base with AGV Korean Kimchi in Sauce 360g bottle 素食韓式泡菜.

Chinese Spaghetti Sauce TOFU

Cut Tofu Into Cubes.

Scoop Out a Hole in the center of each Tofu

Stuff each tofu with Kim Lan Chinese Spaghetti Sauce

Steam Tofu For 15 minutes untill Cooked.