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Delivery is ongoing but delivery timing will be subjected to changes. To avoid contact, we will call you after the drop off at your premises.

Veg Soybean 大豆类

Vegefarm Stewed Lamb Chunk 松珍 - 炖羊肉 454grams


$ 9.63 (454 grams)

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Salted Fish Beancurd Skin 善缘 - 豆支咸鱼 100grams

Made of Beancurd skin. Made IN Malaysia.由豆腐皮制成。 ...

$ 1.93 (100grams)

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Seaweed Meat Floss 善缘 - 海苔肉松 1000grams

The best food for leisure, suitable for bread, porridge, bibim...

$ 10.70 (1000grams)

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Bacon Slices 松珍 - 培根片 500grams


$ 9.10 (500 grams)

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Omnimeat Bundle 230g x 4 packs 新膳肉 230grams (while ...

FREE one booklet of receipe. receipe book whilst stocks last.&...

$ 26.41 (920 grams)

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HK Sausage 天恩 - 港式腊肠 380grams

No preservatives. Keep Frozen. Product of Taiwan. Suitable for...

$ 6.96 (380 grams)

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Vege Grilled Wheat Eel 全广 - 蒲烧鳗 3000 grams

Health delicious vegetarian food. Can pen fry, deep fry, soup,...

$ 41.73 (3000 grams)

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Health Burdock Gean 养生牛蒡 600grams

Health delicious vegetarian food. Can pan fry, deep fry, soup,...

$ 6.96 (600 grams)

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Lemon Fish 儒斋 -柠檬鱼 600grams

ovo-lacto vegetarian

$ 8.56 (600 grams)

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