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Pastry 茶点类

Curry Lotus Bun 百味 - 荷叶包 (咖哩) 400grams

Contains Bun with vegetarian curry meat packed separately.

$ 3.42 (400 grams)

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Mini Lotus Buns 小龙 - 莲蓉包 (9 pieces) 270grams

Easy Cook.

$ 2.03 (270 grams)

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TeoChew Dumpling 麦之素 - 潮州卖 1000grams

Eggless. Vegetarian From KL, Malaysia

$ 11.24 (1000 grams)

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Vietnamese Rice Skin Purple Yam Roll 善缘-山药卷 600...

Deep-fried, crispy to perfection.AIR FRYER FRIENDLY ingredien...

$ 6.42 (600 grams)

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