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Yi Dah Xing 益达兴

Golden Mushroom Steak 金菇肉扒 (猴头菇) 250grams


$ 4.49 (250 grams)

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BBQ Sauce 益达兴 - 婆罗果酱 280grams


$ 4.07 (280 grams)

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Veg Meat (Dry) 益达兴 - 素肉丝 250grams

Vegetarian meat strips, a lot of cooking methods, fried, simme...

$ 3.21 (250grams)

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Golden Mushroom Meat 益达兴 - 金菇肉 1000grams

monkey head mushroom Monkeyhead  

$ 16.59 (1000 grams)

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Golden Mushroom Meat 益达兴-金茹肉 200grams

Monkeyhead Mushroom made in Malaysia.Contains Egg. Ovo Vegetar...

$ 3.75 (200 grams)

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