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Delivery is ongoing but delivery timing will be subjected to changes. To avoid contact, we will call you after the drop off at your premises.

Wei Lih 维力

Vegetable Noodle 维力 - 素飘香香菇野菜面 85gram...


$ 4.28 (85grams x 5pkt)

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WeiLih V Ma La Mala Instant Noodle 维力- 素飘香麻...


$ 4.49 (450gram)

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Mushroom Noodle 维力 - 素飘香野菜多风味碗面 8...


$ 3.21 (85 grams)

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Zheng Zhu Mian 维力 - 蒸煮面 650grams

全素 not Deep Fried, (65g x 10pkt)

$ 5.35 (650 grams)

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Vegetarian Chicken Noodles 维力 素排骨鸡面

Pack of 5 .     90 grams per packet

$ 4.28 (450 grams)

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Fried Bean Sauce 维力-素炸酱 850 grams


$ 13.70 (850 grams)

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